One Piece 547 Pics | One Piece 547 Confirmed

Source: One Piece Chapter 547
Magellan: “Hell’s Judgement!!!”

One Piece 547 Confirmed Spoiler Pics

one piece 547 cover.jpg

one piece 547 cover
one piece 547 cover2.jpg

one piece 547 cover2
one piece 547 image.jpg

one piece 547 image
one piece 547 image1.jpg

one piece 547 image1
one piece 547 pics.jpg

one piece 547 pics
one piece 547 pics1.jpg

one piece 547 pics1
one piece 547 raw pics.jpg

one piece 547 raw pics
one piece 547 raw pics1.jpg

one piece 547 raw pics1
one piece 547 spoiler pics.jpg

one piece 547 spoiler pics
one piece 547 spoiler pics1.jpg

one piece 547 spoiler pics1

Pic 2
Marines: Drop him into the sea! Dont’ let him have the ship!
Marines: What’s with this guy’s body!? The whole body is…. weapon!?
Daz: It’s the Spa-Spa fruit.

Pic 3
Luffy: Let’s run for it!!!! Is the ship there!!?
Prisoners: They’re being chased by a huge one!!
It’s Magellan!! There’s no place to run!!

Pic 4
Giant Ivankov head rises
Prisoners: Whoa!?

Pic 5
Jinbei on denden mushi: Just leave it up to me after that!
Luffy: Alright, let’s do as he says!! 3, lend me your powers again!
Mr.3: Have you lost your mind!? If we dive into the sea, we’ll surely die!!
He’s with the government, we can’t trust him!!
Luffy: He’s a friend of Ace, I believe him!!

Magellan: To the ocean? Just try it!! The entire area is nest of Sea Kings!!
“Hell’s Judgement!!!”
Prisoner?: Be careful!! If you even touch one drop of this poison (rest cut off)
Prisoner: Gyaaaa!!! That’s impossible!! We’re done for!

Pic 6
Luffy: “Giant Stamp!!”

Pic 7
Marine?: There’s something under the ships!!
What are these….
Jinbei: Ah, you got here on time!! I’m sorry to call y’all to such a dangerous sea…
Marine?: Huh? He got onto something….
Luffy: Uwaa!

Pic 8
Marine?: It’s a pack of Whale Sharks!!! Jinbei called them here!! (cut off)

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